Blu-trail™ – Realtime Things Management

What is Blu-trail?

Blue-trail is a realtime based solution for Internet of Things powered with Bluetooth Low Energy devices. It provides a series of key features; monitoring, managing, and tracking of BLE sensors which are installed areas such as public places, factory/manufacture workspaces, hospitals, warehouses and shopping malls.

Users can access a beautiful Blu-trail visual dashboard, check the realtime feed sent via BLE sensors, search for particulars and get status notifications. Furthermore, together with high-end BLE sensors more features can be provided, such as an accelerometer, lighting, noise and so on. Blu-trail provides more visibility of sites and places.


Why Blu-trail is Unique?

Our primary focus is to achieve the managing and monitoring of things that are equipped with BLE sensors. Most BLE solutions are aimed towards promotion and marketing purposes by installing BLE at places such as shops, restaurants and hotels. Existing solutions provide iOS/Android apps that are integrated with BLE SDK, which prompt proximity related information, for example discount coupon, limited offer, and so on.

Our Blu-trail solution goes beyond this, it provides a basis to monitor and manage BLE sensors through Internet. By setting up Blu-trail Central, our proprietary hardware equipment will be continuously monitoring the activities of individual BLE sensors, and will notify of events when the status of sensors changes. Everything can also be customised based on the user’s rules.

Furthermore, with multi-functional BLE sensors, Blu-trail could also offers further visibilities and monitoring features, such as status of Light, Temperature, and Vibration to alert and notify when a value has changed.

Key Features

  • Responsive Design Ready – Laptop, Tablets and Smartphones
  • Setup a new location wizard
  • Search with tags, keywords, name of places
  • Notification / Alert feature
  • Upload floor data
  • Timeline support

Supported BLE sensors

Blu-trail supports wide range of BLE sensors;

  • iBeacon
  • EddyStone
  • ecode

Blu-trail Use Cases

Here is some examples of use cases where Blu-trail could bring great benefit to a site.


Some data analysis shows that a typical nurse spends around 20% of their time trying to find the equipment they need for their work in a hospital. With Blu-Trail solution, staff can search and locate the equipment that they are looking for on their tablets, and also get notifications from the equipment if it has been relocated.

In some cases, it is very critical that some equipment/device should not be in the specific area, and in such cases, Blu-trail will send alert/notification to security/staff if it detects particular equipment within their radar.


There is a high demand for Blu-trail to support public spaces such as airports. There are so much equipment, for example wheel chairs, push chairs, and trollies to help travellers make their departure/arrival more comfortable, from the operators point of view they are required to know where all their equipment is.

Together with Blu-trail, staff are able to search where are all the equipment is with BLE sensors, and are also able to get notifications with customised alert rules, for example when a huge amount of trolleys are in a specific area. Then staff could re-distribute the equipment or put it back to where it supposed to be.

Furthermore, Blu-trail provides a heat map feature as well as a timeline, so that operators could visually capture the flow of BLE powered equipments so that they could improve areas by optimising their logistics.


In a factory, a high level of safety is required and continuity of equipment and functions of machines. This can be achieved by installing the Blu-trail solution and beacons with several sensors to detect unusual activities of motors and robotic arms, e.g. anomaly vibrations, rapid heat changes, or level of lightings. If an anomaly is detected then a notification is sent to operators to dispatch technical service staff for maintenance purposes.

Sensors can also be carried by staff to track their movement and location, to better analyze performance, and also alert to operators if someone enters a restricted area / hazard zone.

Shopping Mall

In big places like shopping malls, it is very hard to understand the behaviour of consumers in different areas. By installing BLE sensors to shopping carts, and central areas such as food courts, gathering spaces, individual shops and restaurants, operators can see consumer’s footsteps.

Blu-trail could also provides safely features for parents, who could give their children  BLE equipped wrist bands so they can find them if necessary.

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